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If you are a farmer, rancher, landlord or work in the industry then you have a need for a descriptive farm map, which you can easily share with anybody.

What about having a farm definition, which can be shown directly on Google Maps or in Google Earth?

What about being able to search by township, range, section and build a useful farm definition and be able to collaborate with your agricultural professionals and clients?

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Create farm definition

Create farm definition

Creating farm descriptions using our service is very easy and shouldn't take much time. You will work on the Google maps view which allows you to see satellite or terrain images. Your task is just to show which land is of interest. We have created multiple options which simplify it.

Create farm definition

Farm Map Tracts

FARMapper groups farm definitions into tracts. This enables easy separation of owned ground, leased ground, pivot ground, dry ground, different farm names; basically, group the farm definitions into whichever tracts that make sense for the farm map. Every tract has a customizable name, shape, or color and can contain any number of geometric shapes taken from our preloaded shape databases. Tract names are used in generated KML output, which allows easy navigation between different parts of the farm. Separate the Old Jones Place from the Home Farm, load it up with the related farm documents, deed, water rights, warranty information, and generate the Cropscape maps for the farms to track the crop history.

Every shape added to the farm becomes a new tract automatically, but then the shapes can be dragged between the tracts to form bigger groups or extracted to create smaller ones. There is also a merge tract action working on all selected tracts

Read more in our Tracts guide

Tracts in the farm view

Public Land Survey database

If the definition of your farm is based on the data available in the PLSS, such as quarter quarter sections, then you are at home. We have a searchable database of them. If you click on any point on the map we will look for qq sections containing it. Then you can just add such qq section to your farm. Alternatively, you can look them up in a special dialog using meridian, township, range, section number etc. Though this data is imperfect, it is often a useful computer generated depiction.

When we have no qq section data then we will allow you to add whole sections to the farm.

If you scroll down the map view close enough we will show you a grid of section boundaries, which will help you to locate your property

For regular qq sections we support adding quarter quarter quarter quarter sections (q4sections). You can add these algorithmically generated 2.5 acre shapes from the map or from the dialog.

Read more in our Township, Range and Section user guide

Add qq section to your farm

Allotment database

If your farm contains a BLM range allotment then we have a database of recent shapes. Similarly to qq sections you can click on the map and we will display an allotment containing the clicked point. We also have a separate dialog for allotment searching.

Read more in our Allotment database user guide

Add allotment to your farm

Texas Survey database

Our system contains also the data from Texas Land Survey. If your farm is in Texas, then you can create your farm description quickly looking up the parcels on the map or using Texas survey dialog

Add Texas survey parcel to your farm

Add custom shapes

If your farm has less regular shape then you can just draw it on the map. You can use rectangles, polygons and even circles.

Read more in our Custom shapes user guide

Add custom shapes to your farm

Add holes

Sometimes you want to exclude some places from your farm definition. It's not a problem. You can "draw" any number of holes or “outs” in any tract of your farm. You can use custom drawing tools - rectangles and polygons.

Read more in our Holes user guide

Add holes to qq sections, allotments or custom shapes

Add documents

Would you like to add some more information to your farm? No problem. You can attach documents to any tract of your farm. Drop in photos, water rights, records, etc. You can also attach it to the whole farm. That way you will have all required information in one place.

Read more in our Documents and Farm Records user guide

Add documents about your farm

Add CropScape data

Have you heard about Cropland Data Layer? FARMapper puts this data from the USDA NASS service just one click away. You can select any tracts of your farm and the crop year and click a CropScape generation button. A few minutes later you will find crop data maps for your area in your document list

Generate CropScape documents

Customize colors

Would you like to use different colors on your map? Not a problem. You can customize the look of every polygon category - Section, Allotment and Custom shape. You can also define classes and apply them to selected tract. If that is not enough you can define the look for every indidivual tract of your map.

Color settings for your farm
Share project with others

Share farm definition

Having a nice farm definition is not worth much if you cannot share it with other people. Of course you can easily do it with our service.

Share farm definition

Import or Export KML definition

If you just want to show your project to somebody then an easy way will be to create a KML file. This file can be opened in the free Google Earth application. Or if you already have KML files, then quickly load your farm project with the import KML file function.

Generate kml file for Google Earth

Private sharing with any person having Facebook, Google or Twitter account

If you want to share more than land composition, then you can use our share option. Everybody having a Facebook, Google or Twitter account can collaborate with you. You can give him the read access to your farm project so that he will be able to see everything you prepared. Or maybe you even need to collaborate with somebody to add more information to your project?

Share farm definition with clients or friends


Would you like everybody to be able to see your farm? No problem. That's why we implemented publishing. You can generate public link accessible to everybody who knows it. You can also remove it when it's no longer needed.

Publish farm definition


Do you have something to advertise about your farm? You can do it. We allow you to create listings in the context of the farm, tract or sticker. Listings can be added to one of the subject groups we call channels. Any user can browse these channels and find listings directly on the map.

Read more in our Listings, Channels user guide

An example of the listing view