Bringing Agriculture Together on the Map

FARMapper is a cloud based mapping application and much more. Built from the ground up for farmers, ranchers, landlords and anyone who works in the agricultural industry.

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If you are a farmer, rancher, landlord or work in the industry then you know the challenges that are faced in agriculture every day to bring crops to market and food to the table. FARMapper is a community, where farm information can easily be shared with other farmers, bankers, realtors, family, attorneys, literally with anyone.

Easily create your farm map.

Draw it, build it from legal description, import the polygon shape, customize it with stickers and colors. Make your cloud based map your own digital representation of your farm. The pre built shape database is there to get you started quickly. It includes the ability to search by township, range, section and FARMapper is adding more shapes to its preloaded database.

What do you want to share?

Add deeds, legal descriptions, data, photos, pretty much any file to your farm file cabinet in the sky. Then your farm map can be shown directly using Google Maps or in Google Earth

Increase your bottom line.

Leverage your farm project to create and share listings of your map with hay and forage for sale, equipment, farm for rent, or many more categories. Publish the listing to a "Channel" category and share your URL with anyone that may be interested in the listing. Surf the Channels to find interesting items for sale and listings that are local and on the map.

How will you collaborate with FARMapper?